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June 2015

Dance Recital/Competition Organization

Hi! I wanted to share with you what’s in my dance bag and how I organize my costumes and makeup for recitals and competitions! Love you guys!

Girly Video Playlist

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great day. I wanted you all to know that I made a Playlist on my Karli Reese YouTube Channel where I share all the girly videos that I have made on the Our Family Nest Channel. There are like 80 videos so if you missed some of the old ones or are a new subscriber you should check it out. There are some cool videos there like my old bedroom tour before we remodeled it. I can’t believe how different it looks now.
Click here for the Playlist!

Justice Shopping Haul

I got some new things at Justice the other day and wanted to share them with you guys. My friend Carissa is in this video with me too! And just so you know I am just joking with her when I talk to her at the beginning. We just like to have fun and act silly with each other! She’s a super great friend, she is so funny! I hope you like the video. Please subscribe and thumbs up my video =)

DIY Letter Bedroom Decor

I love to paint things so when I seen these cute letters at Target and their paints I just had to decorate one! I hope you like it =)

Forums are Up!


I have put the Forums back up on my blog even though this was something that was going to be part of the paid membership. My parents agreed that I can put them back up and test it out – if there is any negativity – I will have to take them down. So if you don’t have something nice to say to me or each other, please don’t say it.

****** You do have to register to be able to post – the sign up info is in the sidebar or new users can click here. Once you Register you will receive an email with your password which you can change if you would like by clicking on edit your profile. *******

This will also help with the negative people, your IP is tracked… you will get blocked. Even creating a new account won’t help – we will block your IP from the website all together. Sorry to be mean, but the negative people ruin the fun sometimes! (If you don’t know what an IP is, it is your computers internet tracking address.)

Thanks and have fun!


Last day of school


I’m so excited that summer break is here! I have so many things that I want to do these next few months. We hope to take some vacations, hang around the house swim, and record some cool videos for you all. I want to be able to go to the park and do some photo shoots. I’ve been dying to do that for so long. I just love trying on clothes and taking photos but my busy schedule hasn’t really allowed for it that much. Now that I get a break from both school and dance I am ready to start doing some new things. Can’t wait to share them with you on my channel and of course in our family vlogs!

My blog is free now, I hope you guys seen that on Facebook and Twitter, that we aren’t charging anymore. I felt so bad for all the people who wanted to join but there parents didn’t let them. I am thinking maybe down the road when I get older I will be able to do something like I was trying to accomplish but I get it – not all parents are going to let their kids pay money every month. For that reason we won’t be able to do some of the things that we had planned, but that’s ok. Mostly I just want to be able to write and share photos and get to know you guys more. So PLEASE feel free to comment!



Dance Recital Photos

Hello! I wanted to share some photos from my dance recital. My mom posted a video of clips from my dance recital if you want to see that it’s here on YouTube. Have a super day!

Click the arrows on the sides of the photos to look through the slideshow!


My First Video

I am both nervous and excited today! I am about to upload my very first video on my channel. It’s just an introduction video telling everyone about my channel, but it’s a really big deal. So many people have been waiting and waiting for me to start my channel and it’s kind of a lot of pressure to do a good job.

For today, please leave a comment on YouTube or here on this post letting me know what types of videos you would like to see on my channel?

Thank you for being here!