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Bedroom Fall Decor

Hope you like my bedroom decor style! I had so much fun decorating my room with my new stuff from Joann Fabrics, Kroger, and Pier One.

DIY Pumpkins Decor

Super easy and fun to make pumpkins… Only a few supplies needed! Thumbs up if you want to see more DIY videos on my channel. Thanks for watching!

Sparkly Duct Tape Folders

I love decorating my folders for school so they look different than everyone else’s. A quick and easy way to decorate your folders is to use duct tape! You could also use washi tape, although sometimes it peels, where duct tape is super adhesive and usually stays on better! Hope you try my project on your folders!

Drawing my version of a Domo

I made up this character that really isn’t a Domo… but I call him that anyways. I wanted to share with you how you make a basic character and then you can decorate him any way you want!