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Dance Costumes

I share all 5 years of my dance costumes and share the photos of me wearing most of the costumes too!

Dance stretches & Tumbling

My friend Emily and I show you some dance stretches that we do and some tumbling tricks we love!

Sorry I haven’t had as much time to write here at my blog lately as I wanted to this summer. My family has been busy vacationing and doing other fun activities while we have a break from school and stuff. I hope to blog some more soon! What video or blog post would you all like to see next?


Dance Recital/Competition Organization

Hi! I wanted to share with you what’s in my dance bag and how I organize my costumes and makeup for recitals and competitions! Love you guys!

Dance Recital Photos

Hello! I wanted to share some photos from my dance recital. My mom posted a video of clips from my dance recital if you want to see that it’s here on YouTube. Have a super day!

Click the arrows on the sides of the photos to look through the slideshow!


I Love Dance


Dance is a huge part of my life. I have been taking dance for 5 years, since I was 6 years old. I tried tap when I was 3 and it didn’t work out to well because I kept hanging on the teachers legs. I take all types of dance classes; jazz, hip hop, contemporary, tap and I also tumble. I have been dancing competitively for two years. This will be my third year of competing and my 6 year of taking dance.